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the shadow guardian trilogy

Into every generation a Shadow Guardian is born, they are human by nature without any supernatural attributes; therefore, an angel is assigned to protect each one of them.  When the Shadow Guardian dies, their first descendant, “the chosen one,” is called into action, but they must be at least eighteen to take on the task. The chosen one is the guardian of the Shadow Dagger, a powerful dagger, which is used to collect the souls of demons and to kill other supernatural beings. In the last century, the Shadow Guardians has also become the keeper of the Chalice of Life.  The Shadow Guardian is the only one that can stop the dark forces from spreading their evil, and the swell of their number on earth.  Recently, the forces of darkness have found a way to re-open a gateway for a God of the underworld named, Ocru, to re-enter the Earth’s dimension, and with the help of other demons already populating the earth, he has located the chosen one.  He seeks to regain possession of the Chalice, that was taken from him, in order to bring back an army of demons and gain his full power here on earth, but ending the bloodline of the Shadow Guardian takes priority on his 'To-Do list.'  Heaven is alerted and the next Shadow Guardian is finally called.

THE SHADOW GUARDIAN TRILOGY - follows the crusade of Jade Patterson, a demon hunter.

Jade is an orphan teenager. Her mother never had the chance to reveal the secret she took to the grave. Jade remains clueless of her heritage, and what she actually is —a nephilim.  This will all be revealed to her when she turns eighteen, but to her dismay, the news of her angelic hierarchy came too late.  Not even her angel powers can save her from the blunder she made by binding herself by blood to a demon.   Having done this, she gains a dark side that will remain dormant until it’s triggered, putting the bloodline of the Shadow Guardian at risk.


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