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Brief synopsis of Butterfly Kisses


A Young Adult Paranormal Romance Novel

Now available as eBook and paperback.

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Also available in paperback.

Butterfly Kisses is the tragic story of forbidden love and a meeting in the afterlife that may never take place. 


Amber is a normal fifteen years old, who believes that her life has come to a dead-end, ever since she learned the devastating news of her mother’s illness.

Things become even more problematic when she meets the immortal neighbor and she falls in love with him.   Victor is a 150-year-old vampire, who looks like a 18-year old.  He is in search of his soul mate and after 150 years, he finally finds her, but she is underage. A forbidden romance blossom between them, but a misunderstanding puts an end to their relationship.   Victor leaves town, crushed by her decision and returns when she is eighteen, determined to claim what is his.

She has not stopped loving him despite their troubled past.  They are meant to be together and swear eternal love to one another.   Now that they are together she thinks she has it all, but what she does not know is that she is just another heartbreak closer to her happily ever after.   She is willing to sacrifice herself for love, and leave it all to fate.  





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